Wednesday, November 9, 2011

70 Year Old Man Raped by 4 Thugs

So much of prepper talk is generally related to when bad things happen in a big way, often overlooking the fact that we live life and face danger in many ways.

SOCORRO, Texas —
Socorro police and the FBI are looking for four men who police say attacked and raped an elderly man who was out on his early-morning walk.
Investigators said the 70-year-old was walking Thursday around 6 a.m. at Valle del Sol Park on Valle Rico Road and Valle Fertil when they said four black men got out of a late-'90s Ford or Chevrolet van or minivan and demanded the Mexican-American man to give them money. When he said, "No," they allegedly grabbed him, threw him in the van and raped him
.Read More
Stereotypes being what they are this is an unexpected story but a cautionary one - it should remind us of the world in which we live and the degenerate danger we face; and this happened in our relatively ordered society complete with laws and police "protection".

As a man I am certain the older gentleman attacked never considered himself as a potential victim of a rape - no man save those sent to prison ever imagine such a scenario - yet the story is there to be told. From this sad and sick story there is a reminder for us all.

Being prepared is a full time job - we must always pay attention to the wold around us, remain situationally aware and fully prepared to deal with dangerous situations when they arise.

Arm yourself and remain armed at all times - we cannot pick the time or the place when someone else may decide to do us harm.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Glenn Beck on Preparedness and Bad Times

It is hard to figure out Glenn Beck, he has transitioned in terms of the viewpoints he expresses and certainly in terms of his faith he espouses.  I simply do not have enough information to make anything of this other than to notice that the man has changed in terms of what he says he believes.

This blog is not about politics and I will not discuss in detail Beck's view that the world is soundly divided between right and left (this is at least what I think he believes).  I think fundamentally the divide is more complicated than this and there are other fault lines along which people rally from time to time.

What I find interesting is Beck's increasing fascination with the notion that we are on the cusp of something far worse than what the mainstream media talks about.  Perhaps it is his notoriety coupled with his willingness to say things like "you should prepare" that makes the phase "Glenn Beck is a nut" so popularly uttered.  After all, "you should prepare" is not a mainstream idea.

Recently on his GBTV program he emotionally laid out a set of things you should be doing now to prepare for the economic hardship and social unrest he sees coming to a corner near you soon.  His list was certainly not original nor was it complete - in fact it was essentially much of what the survivalist/prepper community has said for a long time.  What is interesting is that this was said by a man that has a considerable audience - certainly considerable when compared to anyone else advocating preparedness.  For his efforts to get the word out I salute the man - no matter what else you might think of him politically.

Monday, November 7, 2011

How to Buy a Gun Case by Dr. John J. Woods

How to Buy a Gun Case by Dr. John J. Woods

Gun cases are made to protect guns. Guns are tools, fine tools. They deserve to be cared for so they can be expected to perform to their design potential. Guns need regular maintenance, cleaning, repair, and proper storage. Storage implies both during the time of use and afterward. Read More.

Excellent break down. Personally I am most happy with my Pelican cases for both long-term and mobile storage. It also goes without saying, wipe off your fingerprints to remove the salt and oils you leave behind and add a light coat of gun oil before storage.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Thin Gray Line

Although the issue didn’t get much attention, law and order was starting to break down in Western Massachusetts last week. Things never got to the extreme of New Orleans after Katrina, but a state trooper was pointing out that after four days without cell coverage, with bank machines, supermarkets and cell phones down, things were getting a little hairy. Gas stations run on electricity, as does much of sewer and water infrastructure. All of  a sudden, those survivalist freaks with their supply of food, water, alternative heating sources, pre-formed lead and the means to propel said lead, didn’t seem so crazy.
As the state trooper pointed out, we no longer live in a society in which we view the difference between law and disorder to be the thin blue line of law enforcement. We live in a society in which the fine line between society and chaos is the thin gray line of electric power transmission. If society starts to break down after three days of power outage, we really need to think about the implications of that. A cyber attack on our power grid could do vastly more damage to our society, it seems, than a terrorist armed with a nuclear device. Read More

Home Invasions on the Rise

The idea of a group of armed thugs entering your home while you and your family are there is enough to give pause even tot he best prepared and armed among us. However, the fact is these events are on the rise in the US, and are not restricted to a particular state or region.

Below is a list of just a few articles from the last week: (Google it for yourself)

Home invasion in Milford, Mass., shakes familyRecent home invasion robbery could be tied to other area casesPolice Investigate Home Invasion Robbery;  Police | Man tied up in Conway home invasion

Panic in the Streets

The risk of social unrest is on the rise around much of the world, according to polling data summarized in the International Labour Organization's latest World of Work Report (ht: Tortsen Slok).
The ILO estimates that the risk of unrest has risen the most in advanced economies over the past five years, followed by the Middle East & North Africa and South Asia. Read More

Consider this – just last week the OWS folks disrupted operations at the nation's 5th busiest port. This disruption was not complete but it is a sign of potential things to come. What if they had been more successful and perhaps coordinated their efforts to shut down other ports and perhaps along with their union pals in the Teamsters shut down over-the-road transport of goods? This is not beyond the realm of possibilities.

Revolutionary minded groups always look for a tipping point that will bring about a crisis that forces the general population to get involved. This is always a risky proposition as such efforts can have the opposite effect and turn the population against the movement. Am intentional disruption of the supply system just might do the trick.

Our civility and society depend entirely upon a steady flow of goods; without just-in-time inventory people will react and react badly. The potential civil disruption resulting from such an event very well could help the OWS movement – the federal government would invariably act badly and poorly.

These are things you should keep in the forefront of your mind – the time to prepare is now.

Test Run to BOL with BOB

American Preppers Network

Anyone else done B.O.B test runs to your B.O.L? What did you learn from testing your B.O.B.?

I have had a B.O.B packed for a while and check perishables on a schedule. So there it sits. However over the last few months I thought I should take it for a spin. My B.O.L is a few hours away by vehicle, 1 day at most by bike and 5 days by foot. The 5 days is relative due to things like weather and if its winter. I am able to hike it in 3 days but I threw 2 days in case of unforeseen complications.
I had a week of vacation coming up, so I took it camping. I made some subtractions in removing the handgun and 4 clips. I added the weight back with a new takedown fishing rod and reel. Plus I was looking to do some fishing with it.....

Good advice

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Two Pistols You Should Own

The debate about “the best” pistol to own/carry continues endlessly but I think that fundamentally the arguments ignore the fact that no gun can do all functions well. I think it is a basic tenet that most everyone should own a rifle, a shotgun and a pistol. These cover your bases, assuming you have the strength, facilities and ability to use them. When folks recommend a “pistol” and when you read the various arguments about the merits of various models I think the argument really centers on a “general purpose carry gun”. I think you should read those arguments, do your research and equip yourself with the general purpose pistol (revolver or automatic) that you are comfortable with.

My point here is to discuss two special purpose guns I think you should own – above and beyond the three mentioned above.

First there is the .22 Black Widow by North American Arms. This fires a fairly powerful .22 Magnum round and it meets the most important rule of a gunfight “bring a gun”. You could carry the Black Widow wearing a Speedo (I have never tried this). If you own this gun you can carry anywhere that someone has not installed a metal detector – it is that small and concealable. Yes I know there are many automatics in the .380 category that are pretty concealable but I am not a big fan of a small automatic for everyday carry. In Iraq I went through a lot of magazines (spring tension) I do not want to replace magazines or springs all the time. The Black Widow is a small revolver that does nto have this problem. Buy this guy and put it in your inventory for the hard times that will come so you can ensure that even in hot weather with less clothes you are armed.

Next is the .410 Judge by Taurus. I was originally opposed to this weapon when everyone was recommending it as a general carry gun. It is a big hog leg piece of iron. I was also less than convinced that the .410 round was effective. I have found that Winchester makes a .410 round, PDX1, with three disks and 12 pellets per round that have interesting results. Fired from a Judge and 12 meters you get a shot pattern of about 6 inches in diameter – you just put 15 pieces of metal in a bad guy.

I view the Judge in two roles: Coach Gun and Wake Up Gun. I carry it within reach in the truck and keep it close by when I sleep. You can envision how the ballistics of the round in question make the gun ideal for 12-15 meter engagements when used in this manner. The beauty of the Judge is that you can for instance load the first two shots as .410, for spray and pray and the last three with .45 for more accurate results.   

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Power outage: A true story of survival - : Reality

"Power outage: A true story of survival - : Reality: This past weekend, a freakish snowstorm left thousands without
power. I am sad to say that I was among those poor souls trapped in
a cold hous…"

Some in the Northeast are getting an early lesson in the fragile link between comfort and safety and pain and agony.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Barter in Greece

As the Greek economy succumbs to the debt crisis and individual Greeks are made poorer each day through austerity measures and job cuts, many have begun resorting to traditional bartering as a way to make ends meet and at the same time increase their involvement with neighbors and their general community.
Services being bartered include anything from language classes and babysitting to hand cooked meals and daily labor. (read more)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Walking Dead "Save The Last One"

I just finished watching episode 3 “Save The Last One”. There are a couple of points worth considering from our perspective. (again the show is just fun, I simply use the action as a metaphor for lessons)

First, medicine and antibiotics – in any scenario where you are dirty, active, outdoors and in danger there is a distinct possibility that you will get cut scrapped and eventually have one or more open wounds. In our relatively clean environment we get cuts and scrapes all the time. That same cut just might kill you in a less sanitary world. Every bug-out bag, 72 hour kit, throw bag, backpack and pocket kit I put together has three very important things – Neosporin, hand sanitizer and bandages and tape. With those three items alone you can prevent almost all minor/medium cuts and scrapes from becoming something more serious. I am continually surprised as I watch TWD by the absolute lack of hand sanitizer – perhaps cleaning one’s hands does not make for exciting television.

Of course in the event the cut is deeper or dirt/debris/muck enters the wound it is highly likely an infection that can and will end your life might develop. In the rare occasion such a circumstance develops (you could not clean it, had dirty hand or it was just too deep) antibiotics are required. Here is a good run down of prevention and use.

I fill every prescription that any doctor writes for me for an antibiotic. I seldom actually take the medicine – instead I store it in the refrigerator. Of course a simple search on the net will reveal that there are other options, there are companies that will sell you antibiotics without a prescription. You can also procure Penicillin at many farm supply stores – not something I would use unless I was turning green and foaming at the mouth but perhaps worth having on hand just in cast.

The second issue that this episode brings up: “know the crowd you run with”. We tell our kids this but in a life and death situation the notion of accepting help from others in the same circumstance may seem necessary and indeed it may be. However, you have to consider and realize that stress, particularly extreme stress can and do cause people to act in ways we did not predict. Trust is a precious commodity, something that should not be easily given. Be giving, kind, generous and open-minded but be careful with your complete trust.

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Some Words on the Coming Violence

Armed Citizen Militia Shows Up At Occupy Phoenix

Armed citizen militia group US Border Guard is making its presence felt at the Occupy Phoenix demonstration to protect free speech rights, arguing that the second amendment prevents the state from abusing the first amendment. (read more)
While I agree entirely that the 2nd Amendment is a guard against the government taking our other God given rights this is concerning.

The fusion of far left, far right at these events disturbs me greatly. The Nazis and Communist could agree in 1933 that the German Republic should fall and as soon as one of them gained the power to make that happen they both then could agree that the other must die.

We must redouble our efforts to prepare to take care of our families, communities and loved ones.  Now is not the time to dabble in politics or demonstrations, the changes that will come cannot be controlled.  This entire thing has the potential to cause great disruption and chaos.

Prepare my friends, prepare.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Easy DIY Home Security Enhancements

From Pioneer Survival Living:

Here are three of the ways to protect your home that you probably haven’t considered:
1.      Use your yard’s natural defenses. Does your house sit at a slightly elevated position from street level? Use that to your advantage. Make sure there’s a clear line of sight from the road. Do you enjoy gardening? Choose thorny rose bushes over broad-leafed hedges that could conceal a burglar. View your home security from the outside in, and put the natural features of your yard to work for you.
2.      Secure your power and communications. Your home security system may have a battery backup, but when is the last time you checked to make sure it worked? A burglar may only need to cut the power to your home to disable that expensive system. How about your wireless network? Are you using wireless security, or is your home network wide open? Clever criminals can access that network and steal more from you than they ever would by physically breaking into the house.
3.      Let home intruders know you mean business. You’ve probably been told that you can put an empty dog bowl and leash outside your doorstep to deter criminals. Better yet, put an NRA sticker on the back of your car, or leave a used target from the gun range somewhere in plain sight. Home invaders can easily distract a dog, but they’re usually much less willing to stare down the barrel of a gun.
4.      Know when you’re at risk. Most home invasions are committed by someone you’ve had contact with. It might be a plumber, or it might be your wife’s cousin. Learn to observe people’s behavior in your home. If they wander around a room from one window to the next, or if they seem to always be looking around, it should send up a warning flag.
All good stuff but there is more we can add:

- Add something like EZ Armor to your exterior doors.

- Add a piece of 1/4 inch plywood behind the drywall to beside interior doors leading to bedrooms, and replace those doors with real doors (i.e. exterior doors with the EZ Armor hardware attached).  Locking these doors at night for each bedroom will give you space and time to react if someone does get in.

- Add bars to your window if you are allowed (women hate them) or pin your windows - Using a mid-sized drill bit, drill two holes, approximately 2 inches deep, into the window frame, approximately 2 inches above where the window will open. Insert one 3-1/2" nails into each hole, make sure that the nails are big enough so that they will not fall out but that the hole is loose enough so that the nails can be easily removed.
This technique will insure that if someone attempts to come in through your window, they will need to do a lot of work if they want to get in.

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The Walking Dead

It is a silly diversion to be certain but I have become a fan of AMC's series The Walking Dead.  One must suspend logic in order to get from what we term society now to the zombie apocalypse presented in the series. I thought of outlining all of the specifics related to the necessary logical fallacies but apparently the folks at Cracked have already done most of the work in "7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly).  They hit all the key points, just suspend some logic in how the world actually got the the point depicted in the series and perhaps you might enjoy it as entertainment.

Among my gripes with season one was our cast of survivors seemed oblivious to tools, weapons and opportunities all around them.  Abandoned cars in interstate gridlock, weapons laying on the ground (heck M2 .50 cal machine guns with ammo belts attached) did not spark any interest from our little group.  Within those cars was invariably all the things someone thought to grab and pack as they attempted to flee the infection.

This pales however in comparison to my most significant issue - the adherence to the notion that the government somehow can and will solve the problem.  The group goes to Atlanta - which to me looks a lot like Atlanta today - in the hope that the gummit somehow has a handle on things.  Perhaps in season two our heroes will come to the realization that government cannot solve most problems and people rising from the dead and attempting to eat other people is certainly one too big for them. 

No matter the situation, you should never go to a FEMA camp or a government safe area - if you are not prepared to leave your area and take care of yourself in some way you have already fated yourself to disaster.

I will comment more on this series as the episodes in season two roll out.  It is simply good fun but on a deeper level I believe it highlights many of the fallacies many in the population hold as truths - dangerous assumptions indeed.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Be the Boone

We all know the stories about Daniel Boone, Davy Crocket, Kit Carson, Jim Bridger, Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and many more too numerous to list; but how many have studied the skills and everyday chores that these men used to establish the United States as we know it today? HT SurvivalCache
A good read filled with additional pointers to resources to help you learn those forgotten skills.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Day After The Dollar Crashes - A Survival Guide for the Rise of the...

As far as scenarios this one is pretty good. If one accepts that the current system will collapse and must be changed then it is logical to accept that our governments will try to be agents of that change. After all those in power never cede that power willingly, world governments will not simply close up shop based solely on their economic system of debt failing.

The danger of looking at a video like this is that we all come to this with preconceived perspectives. Some may believe that governments generally always do “good” and that in times of dire crisis the government will find a way, others may be more skeptical but I think we can agree on the following:

1) In a collapse governments will try to fix things
2) Their “fix” if effective at all will not be effective everywhere at once, there will be pockets of problems, shortages.

Having said that, this video is a good thought piece.

The Dollar will Collapse, here's why, prove my argument wrong!

Simple explaination

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Next Two Years

I write this with a sense that perhaps some small percentage of those that stumble here may actually understand.  I have never in the past felt that anyone other that those already dedicated to a path of preparation would read anything I wrote on this subject and understand.  To me this was preaching to the choir, a pointless act really.  On many other sites folks with years of experience preparing, purchasing, testing and living a prepared lifestyle share their knowledge.

Things have changed, they have been changing for some time but now, for the first time these changes are perhaps evident to many that before did not see or did not want to see. 

Many people have been tuned off to the idea of preparing for bad times because the chance that the potential bad things one might prepare for were always pretty slim; asteroid hitting the Earth, pandemic, nuclear war etc. etc.   Many people do in some way prepare for the more ordinary emergencies; hurricanes, storms etc.  I think the time is right for a larger percentage of the population to begin listening to the real need to prepare for an economic emergency.

We sense it, we know something is amiss, many of us know intuitively that governments cannot long sustain the absolute mess we have created.  We sense that hard times are ahead.  Many will begin to search for ways to ease the pain to come for their families and loved ones.  It is not too late.  However, it is probably an overwhelming thing to ponder for those that come to the game now.  If one visits most sites related to survival or preparedness there is distinct possibility that you could feel overwhelmed, feel that you waited too late and that there is no point in preparing because you simply cannot attain that mountaintop retreat, fully stocked with 5 years of supplies.  I think you can prepare without that degree of investment, it is not too late.

I will write more about the vision of the future I see for us.  If you have come here recently as someone worried about the world you see unfolding I say to you, have faith, be strong and prepare now in small ways.  This will not be the end of the world, it will just be very hard but you and your family can get through it.  You must, however, take steps now.

The next two years may result in "economic endgame" (depression, stagflation, hyperinflation - depends on scenario) and honestly we should hope not.  But the collaspe is coming, the bubble must burst and equalibrium will be reached and it will be painful.  Use the next two years to get your family ready, even as the economy gets slowly worse take the time and spend the money to prepare yourself.