Wednesday, November 9, 2011

70 Year Old Man Raped by 4 Thugs

So much of prepper talk is generally related to when bad things happen in a big way, often overlooking the fact that we live life and face danger in many ways.

SOCORRO, Texas —
Socorro police and the FBI are looking for four men who police say attacked and raped an elderly man who was out on his early-morning walk.
Investigators said the 70-year-old was walking Thursday around 6 a.m. at Valle del Sol Park on Valle Rico Road and Valle Fertil when they said four black men got out of a late-'90s Ford or Chevrolet van or minivan and demanded the Mexican-American man to give them money. When he said, "No," they allegedly grabbed him, threw him in the van and raped him
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Stereotypes being what they are this is an unexpected story but a cautionary one - it should remind us of the world in which we live and the degenerate danger we face; and this happened in our relatively ordered society complete with laws and police "protection".

As a man I am certain the older gentleman attacked never considered himself as a potential victim of a rape - no man save those sent to prison ever imagine such a scenario - yet the story is there to be told. From this sad and sick story there is a reminder for us all.

Being prepared is a full time job - we must always pay attention to the wold around us, remain situationally aware and fully prepared to deal with dangerous situations when they arise.

Arm yourself and remain armed at all times - we cannot pick the time or the place when someone else may decide to do us harm.

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